Why Prepare for Competitive Exams?

► Identify scholastic talent in students.
► Aim at developing.
► Impart factual knowledge & develop the required intellectual skills to apply that knowledge.
► Mathematical aptitude.
► Scientific temperament.
► Logical thinking.
► Reasoning skills.
► Problem solving skills.
► Create an understanding of reasoning & correlation.

Why Saraswati Education Academy Course?

► Saraswati Education Academy Course strengthens a student’s knowledge in Science, Maths & Logical Reasoning.
► It teaches students about the practical application of what they are learning.
► It helps student in developing his/her:
→ Intelligence quotient (IQ)
→ Emotional quotient (EQ)
→ Competitive quotient (CQ), at the early stage of learning.
► This course is designed to give a student a stress free systematic preparation for all future competitive exams JEE (JEE-MAIN & ADVANCED) & NEET (Medical).
► While other courses with various institutions concentrate only on Sciences & Maths we mentor students and give them a strong foundation not only in Sciences & Maths but also in Logical Reasoning which are the most important subjects for competitive exams like CAT, IIM’s, CMAT etc.
► Opens the entry door to various Indian & International Institutes like the IIT’s, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology – US), Cambridge University – UK, etc.

A unique Assessment pattern in line with the competitive exams guidelines.

DDSS: Doubt & Difficulty Solving Sessions are conducted periodically to solve all the queries of students on present & past syllabus completed.
SEAPT: Saraswati Education Academy Periodic Tests are conducted to develop constant revision, understanding & competitive temperament.
SEAFT: Saraswati Education Academy Final Tests which are mirror images – MOCK TESTS – of actual competitive tests. Students are given ‘Hints & Solutions’ to all the tests conducted under the program.
SMART: Saraswati Education Academy Maestro Assessment Report Table – An Evaluation Report that gives Scores in the tests,Graphical Analysis, Overall Ranking in the institution & in the respective batch/branch & Saraswati Education Academy Rank, Comparison chart of previous & current test scores & Career counselling test and Individual sessional at the end of course.

What is the curriculum of Saraswati Education Academy VIII, IX & X?

► Saraswati Education Academy curriculum is designed to meet the ever demanding needs of the students.
► It not only covers the Competitive & Scholastic exam syllabus but also prepares students with their School exam syllabus (All Boards ICSE, CBSE, SSC, IGCSE, IB)
► Subjects covered are Sciences, Maths, & Logical Reasoning.
► Pre-planned lectures from the most qualified and experienced faculty involving the best use of innovative modern techniques – audio visual, power point presentations etc.
► Course Material – Covers synopsis of the chapter, key concepts & minimum 100 MCQ’s in each chapter. Course material consists of study material of Physics, Biology, Chemistry, English & Logical Reasoning.